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USA: Radio Free Asia
“Experts See Worsening Situation as Laos and EU Hold Human Rights Talks” (05 November 2015)


USA: Radio Free Asia
“Few Surprised as Laos Fails to Win U.N. Rights Council Seat” (29 October 2015)

SB in Jeep-001

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Laos Refuses to Host Meeting of ASEAN Civil Society Groups” (12 October 2015)

Spain: El Diaro
“La desaparición forzada de un activista amedrenta a la sociedad civil de Laos” (10 Octubre 2015)

Japan: The Diplomat
“Laos in the Spotlight Again Over Human Rights” (02 October 201

Germany: Neues Deutschland
“Verschwunden” (18 September 2015)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Laos kidnap probe mired in suspicion” (15 September 2015)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Supporters Mark 1,000 Days Since Lao Activist Went Missing” (15 September 2015)

Columbia: W Radio
“ONG instan a Laos a investigar “seriamente” la desaparición de un activista” (11 September 2015)

Indonesia: Jakarta Post
“Civil groups urge end to forced disappearance in ASEAN” (03 September 2015)

Korea: Yonhap News Agency
“광주인권상 수상자 ‘솜바스 솜폰’ 구출 서명 8천700명 동참” (31 August 2015)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Rights Groups, Wife of Missing Lao Activist Renew Calls for Progress in Case” (31 August 2015)

Philippines: InterAksyon
“Bound by tragedy, 2 women comforted by UN chief’s remark vs enforced disappearance” (30 August 2015)

Hong Kong: UCA News
“Remembering the disappeared” (28 August 2015)

SB-Water JarEquador: Pressenza
“Sombath Somphone Receives the 2015 Gwangju Special Award for Human Rights” (21 May 2015)

Korea: Yonhap News Agency
“광주인권상 ‘솜폰’ 부인 “실종 남편 구출에 동참해달라” (18 May 2015)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Vietnamese Civil Groups Raise Freedom of Religion, Expression at ASEAN Forum” (24 April 2015)

UK: Asian Correspondent
“Activists, politicians call for protection of human rights at ASEAN forum” (24 April 2015)

Italy: Asia News
“Laotian government pressures activists not to raise human rights issue at ASEAN meeting” (23 April 2015)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Lao Civil Society Pressured to Drop Rights Issues From ASEAN Forum” (22 April 2015)

USA: Voice of America
“Civic Activists: ASEAN Ignoring Peoples’ Concerns” (02 April 2015)

UK: Asian Correspondent
“ASEAN rights activists demand change ahead of People’s Forum” (26 March 2015)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Laos Tries But Fails to Make ASEAN NGOs Ignore Plight of Missing Activist” (13 March 2015)

Australia: The Interpreter
“Australia-Laos rights dialogue: More than just rhetoric needed” (13 March 2015)

USA: Eurasia Review
“Australia Should Press Laos to Respect Rights, Says HRW” (03 April 2015)SB-Magsaysay-004

Philippines: Interaksyon
“800 Days Missing: Global human rights group asks Laos to step up probe on Sombath disappearance” (23 February 2015)

UK: Asian Correspondent
“Human rights groups demand UN action on abuses in Laos” (26 January 2015)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Wife of Missing Lao Civil Society Leader Laments Lack of Progress in Case” (20 January 2015)

Turkey: World Bulletin
“Campaigners call for Laos to answer for ‘disappeared'” (20 January 2015)

Thailand: Phuket Wan News
“Laos Should Address Human Rights Issues, Says Group” (19 January 2015)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Laos Accused of Paying Lip Service to UN Human Rights Conventions” (09 January 2015)

Switzerland: United Nations News Centre
“Laos: UN experts appeal for help to probe two-year-old disappearance of rights defender” (23 December 2014)

Thailand: PBS (video)
2 ปี “สมบัด สมพอน” หายตัว” (18 ธันวาคม 2527)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Sombath ‘offers youth a role model’” (17 December 2014)

USA: National Geographic
“Mystery in Laos: Reformer Still Missing Two Years After Videotaped Police Stop” (16 December 2014)

SB at BaciJapan: The Diplomat
“ASEAN Should Confront Laos On Rights Abuses: NGOs” (16 December 2014)

Thailand: ประซาไทย
“มองอนาคต 30 ปีข้างหน้าจะเป็นอย่างไร ถ้าพวกเขาไม่โดนอุ้มหาย” (16 ธันวาคม 2527)

Thailand: The Nation
“Lao Must Come Clean” (16 December 2014)

Thailand: ข่าวสด
“เสวนารำลึก3บุคคลถูกอุ้มหาย” (16 ธันวาคม 2527)

Germany: Deutsche Welle
“HRW: Lao government’s investigation in Sombath case ‘is a sham'” (15 December 2014)

USA: Global Post
“Two years on, still no sign of Laos’ activist Sombath” (15 December 2014)

Russia: Sputnik News
“Rights Groups Call on ASEAN to Address Disappearance of Lao Activist: HRW” (15 December 2014)

UK: Asian Correspondent
“Two years on: Still no answers in disappearance of Sombath Somphone”  (15 December 2014)

Thailand: Prachathai
“Lao govt condemned for failure to investigate disappearance of prominent Lao civil society worker” (12 December 2014)

Thailand: PBS (video)
“ถ้าโลกนี้ไม่มีการอุ้มหาย: การแสดงพลังของคนรุ่นใหม่ ผ่านวาระ 2 ปีการหายตัวไปของอ้ายสมบัด” (12 ธันวาคม 2527)

Belgium: RTL Info
“En Asie du Sud-Est, la liste des militants “disparus” s’allonge” (12 Décembre 2014)

Singapore: The Straits Times
“Wife of missing Laos activist keeps his case alive” (12 December 2014)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Wife of Missing Lao Civil Society Leader Vows to Keep Pushing For Answers” (12 December 2014)

Qatar: Al Jazeera
“Two years on, Lao Activist still Missing” (12 December 2014)

SB & Woman-005bUnited Kingdom: Daily Mail
“Into thin air: Southeast Asia’s growing ranks of disappeared” (12 December 2014)

Thailand: ไทยรัฐออนไลน์
“ICJ จี้รัฐบาลลาวกรณี ‘สมบัด สมพอน'” (11 ธันวาคม 2014)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Missing Lao activist not forgotten” (11 December 2014)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Foreign Donors Slam Laos Over Lack of Progress on Missing Civil Society Leader” (20 November 2014)

Germany: Deutsche Welle
“Laos is not a cozy place for NGOs” “Laos: NGOs unerwünscht?!” (14 November 2014)

Germany: Südwind
“Das symbolhafte Verschwinden von Sombath Somphone” (11 November 2014)

Italia: il Manifesto
“Sumbath Somphone, scomparso due anni fa nelle strade di Vientiane” e “Sumbath l’anticapitalista portato via dalla polizia” (15 Ottobre 2014)

Italia: Villagio Globale
“Da oggi Milano è la casa dei popoli di tutto il mondo” (10 Ottobre 2014)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“NGOs Say Proposed Guidelines Would Hamstring Lao Civil Society” (02 October 2014)

Hong Kong: South China Morning Post
“Laos NGO restrictions threaten development, say non-profit groups” (17 September 2014)

Thailand: The Nation TV
“รายงานพิเศษ – รออย่างมีหวัง ภรรยา “สมบัด สมพอน” 03 กันยายน 2557

Australia: Overland Journal
“Disappeared in Laos” (Spring 2014)

“A New Hope With Every Sunrise for Families of the Disappeared” (31 August 2014)

Belgium: New Europe
“Making the disappeared visible: the EU and the enforced disappearance of Sombath Somphone” (31 August 2014)

Brazil: Latina Press
“Internationaler Tag der Opfer des Verschwindenlassens” (29 August 2014)

The Philippines: The Philippine Inquirer
“2 women share a wound that never heals, disappears” (20 July 2014)

The Philippines: The Manila Times
“Stop enforced disappearances, says wife of Ramon Magsaysay awardee” (17 July 2014)

Cambodia: The Globe
“The Disappeared” (18 June 2014)

Thailand: The Nation
“Wall of silence around activist’s disappearance” (17 June 2014)

Australia: Asian Currents
“Missing Sombath a Test for ASEAN” (12 June 2014)

France: Société des Missions étrangères de Paris
“Le gouvernement accusé de bafouer les droits de l’homme” (12 Juin 2014)

UK: Asian Correspondent
“HRW condemns Laos government’s gross rights violations” (12 June 2014)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Laos Accused of Shirking Human Rights Commitments” (10 June 2014)

Taiwan: 中央社商情網
“人權觀察組織:寮國人權無進展” (10 六月 2014)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“EU Raises Press Freedom, NGO Concerns With Laos” (22 May 2014)

10271632_386545564817480_5933290161895556522_nUSA: RTT News
“EU, Laos Hold Working Group On Human Rights, Governance” (21 May 2014)

England: Index on Censorship
“Laos: Crony scheme in control of press and civil society” (12 May 2014)

France: Radio France Internationale (RFI):
“Vợ một nhà hoạt động người Lào kêu gọi Mỹ giúp đỡ tìm chồng mất tích” (30 Tháng Tư 2014)

Taiwan: Radio Taiwan International
“寮國異議人士失蹤500天 妻子要求真相” (30 四月 2014)

India: Zee News
“Wife of missing Laos activist appeals for help in US” (30 April 2014)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Missing Lao Civil Society Leader’s Wife Urges Action on His Case” (29 April 2014)

“Lao Activist Missing 500 Days, Wife Seeks Answers” (29 April 2014)

Thailand: The Nation
“AICHR can do more to protect Asean citizens” (18 April 2014)

USA: Eugene Weekly
“Kidnapping in Laos Affects Civil Society” (17 April 2014)

USA: The Oregonian
“‘Where is Sombath Somphone?’ asks his wife prior to Oregon visit” (16 April 2014) “Shui Meng wants Sombath Somphone back. ‘I’m just a wife.'” (23 April 2014)

Japan: Asahi Shimbun
“Abe’s ‘values diplomacy’ fails to address human rights issue in Laos” (25 March 2014)

Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
“Wife of missing human rights activist seeks answers” (18 March 2014)

UK: The Guardian
“Vanished: Laotian development worker still missing after more than a year” (11 March 2014)

Australia: Radio AustraliaSB-MO
“Missing Lao activist’s wife speaks out, appeals for information” (07 March 2014)

Indonesia: Jakarta Post
“ASEAN human rights talks face major challenges” (04 March 2014)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Disappeared Lao Civil Society Leader’s Mother ‘Still Waiting for Him to Return’” (27 February 2014)

Italy: Asia News
“Censure, sequestri e abusi: Vientiane è il regime “più repressivo” del Sud-est asiatico” (20 February 2014)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Laos Human Rights Abuses ‘Serious,’ But Mostly Hidden From View” (19 February 2014)

Hong Kong: Asia Times Online
“Silence over missing activist in Laos” (12 February 2014)

Switzerland: Le Temps
“Enlèvement de Sombath Somphone: Vientiane reste muet” (31 January 2014)

Europe: European Parliament
“Human Rights: Cambodia and Laos” (16 January 2014) “Droits de l’homme: Cambodge et Laos”

Germany: Neues Deutschland
“Laos widerspricht Vereinten Nationen” (03 January 2014)

Germany: Die Tageszeitung
“Geschlagen, Entführt, Erschossen” (27 December 2013)

Thailand: ไทยโพสต์
“UN จี้ลาวเร่งสืบคดีอุ้ม’สมบัด สมพอน’” (18 December 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“LHQ muốn Lào điều tra về 1 nhà hoạt động nhân quyền mất tích” (17 December 2013)

Singapore: Straights Times
“One year on, still no trace of prominent Lao” (17 December 2013)
Japan: The Diplomat
“Missing Sombath Still Dogging Laos” (17 December 2013)

India: Business Standard
“UN rights experts urge Laos to step up missing activist probe” (17 December 2013)

United Kingdom: Reuters Foundation
“Laos: Anniversary of ‘Disappearance’ Demands Action” (16 December 2013)

Thailand: ฃ่าวสด
“1 ปีสมบัด – 10 ปีสมชาย สองนักต่อสู้ที่ถูกอุ้มหาย”  (16 December 2013)

Qatar: Al Jazeera
“US ‘deeply concerned’ over Laos activist fate” (16 December 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Sombath case needs pressure” (16 December 2013)

Ghana: BusinessGhana
“Rights groups mark year since disappearance of Lao rights leader” (16 December 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Kerry Warns Laos Over Missing Civil Society Leader’s Case” (15 December 2013)

Qatar: Al Jazeera
“Laos activist’s disappearance still unsolved” (15 December 2013)

Thailand: สำนักข่าวอิศรา
“สิทธิมนุษยชนอาเซียนอยู่ไหน เมื่อคนเห็นต่างจากรัฐถูกอุ้มหาย…” (15 December 2013)

Qatar: Al Jazeera
“Questions remain over missing Lao leader” (15 December 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Nhà hoạt động Lào, Sombath Somphone mất tích đã một năm” (14 December 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Year-long silence on Sombath deafening” (14 December 2013)

United Kingdom: Reuters1476012_329389837199720_1987138920_n
“Laos human rights chill a year after activist’s disappearance” (14 December 2013)

Japan: IWJ
2013/12/13 政府批判の許されないラオスで社会活動家が失踪〜大使館前で人権NGOが抗議のアピール (13 December 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Interview: ‘All That Matters Is Sombath Be Found Quickly And Returned Safely'” (13 December 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“The Sombath crisis has implications for Asean” (13 December 2013)

France: Radio France Internationale (RFI)
“Pendant le sommet de l’Asean, les ONG s’inquiètent du sort de l’activiste lao Sombath Somphone” (13 December 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Missing Lao NGO Leader’s Wife Urges Pressure on Government” (12 December 2013)

Thailand: PBS (video)
“ครบ 1 ปี สมบัด สมพอน หายตัวไป” (12 December 2013)

United Kingdom: Reuters Foundation
“A year on, unanswered questions over Lao activist’s disappearance” (12 December 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Wife’s fears for missing Lao activist” (12 December 2013)

Thailand: Nation
“Wife of missing Lao community leader pleads against hero-worship” (12 December 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Japan’s PM Urged to Raise Case of Missing Lao NGO Leader” (11 December 2013)

Germany: Stiftung Asienhaus
“Sombath Somphone wurde vor einem Jahr in Laos verschleppt” (08 December 2013)

Switzerland: Neue Zürcher Zeitung
“Verschollen in Vientiane” (22 November 2013)

France: Worldcrunch
“The Dark Side Of Laos, As An Activist Vanishes Without A Trace” (15 November 2013)

Japan: Diplomat
“Sombath Disappearance Could See a Review of EU Aid to Laos”  (08 November 2013)

Germany: Deutsche Welle
“Laotische Mauer des Schweigens” (07 November 2013)

Australia: Radio Australia
“Laos facing possible aid review over missing activist, says Euro MP” (07 November 2013)

1375635_10151836559246551_1645606287_nFrance: Radio France Internationale (RFI)
“Người mất tích tại Viêng Chăn” (01 November 2013)

France: Le Monde
“Sombath Somphone, le disparu de Vientiane” (31 October 2013)

Switzerland: Le Temps
“Ce que cache la disparition d’un militant des droits de l’homme au Laos” (29 October 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“EU Parliament Dissatisfied with Lao Efforts to Locate Missing Activist” (28 October 2013)

Germany: Europe Online Magazine
“European parliamentarians pressure Laos on missing activist” (28 October 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“EU urged to find missing Lao activist” (28 October 2013)

Thailand: Nation
“Rights groups pressure EU to help find missing Lao activist” (28 October 2013)

United Kingdom: Economist
“The future of Laos: A bleak landscape” (26 October 2013)

Australia: Sidney Morning Herald
“Sombath Somphone, Lao activist missing for 10 months, spurs wife’s desperate plea” (25 October 2013)

Sweden: Sverige Radio
“Försvunnen människorättsaktivist i Laos” (23 October 2013)

France: Radio France Internationale (RFI)
“Hollande meets Laos president to talk business, not rights” (23 October 2013)

France: Radio France Internationale (RFI)
“France: discrète visite du président du Laos, Choummaly Sayasone” (23 October 2013)

United States: Hoy
“FIDH exige investigar la desaparición en diciembre de un activista de Laos” (21 October 2013)

Malaysia: Malay Mail
“Where is Sombath Somphone? — Dr. Lim Teck Ghee(10 October 2013)

Singapore: Today
“Break the Silence on Advocate’s Disappearance” (09 October 2013)

sombath_fishing_skillsHong Kong: Asia Sentinel
“Lonely Vigil for Missing Laotian Activist” (02 October 2013)

France: Libération
“Laos Un militant fauché par le régime” (17 September 2013)

UK: Reuters AlertNet
“The land should feed the people first” (16 September 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Laos has made its bed and now has to lie in it” (10 September 2013)

Italy: AsiaNews
“Asia’s sad record of ‘enforced disappearances’ of religious leaders , activists and opponents”
“In Asia il triste record dei ‘sequestri di Stato’ di leader religiosi, oppositori e attivisti”
“亚洲哀恸多位宗教领袖、爭取人权者和异见人士被「强迫失踪” (07 September 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“An accidental activist” (06 September 2013)

The Philippines: Interaksyon
“261 Days and counting: Lao govt asked to ‘enable safe return’ of Magsaysay awardee Sombath” (03 September 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Justice Elusive for Asia’s Victims of Enforced Disappearances” (02 September 2013)

Italy: AsiaNews
“EU against Vientiane’s reticence over Sombath Somphone’s disappearance”
“L’Ue contro Vientiane: reticente sulla sparizione di Sombath Somphone” (02 September 2013)

The Philippines: Inquirer
“Restraining Leviathan”
“ควบคุมอำนาจรัฐเผด็จการ: กรณีสมบัด สมพอน” (02 September 2013)

Thailand: Irrawady
“The World Wants to Know: Where is Sombath?” (31 August 2013)

USA: Time
“Eight Months On, E.U. Lawmakers Talk Tough Over Disappeared Laos Activist” (30 August 2013)

Japan: Diplomat
“Plight of Sombath Somphone Back in Focus” (30 August 2013)

Philippines: Devex
“Enforced disappearances still an issue in Asia” (30 August 2013)

Thailand: ไทยโพสต์_67301660_sombathandwife
“ส.ส.ยุโรปไล่บี้ลาว เอาจริงสืบสวนคดี อุ้ม’สมบัด สมพอน'” (30 August 2013)

Denmark: Politiken
“Sandheden om Sombath må frem” (30 August 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“European Parliamentarians Accuse Lao Government of Lying Over Sombath’s Case” (29 August 2013)

Netherlands: De Aziatische Tijger
“Parlementsleden EU beschuldigen Laos van liegen omtrent verdwijning activist” (29 August 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Laos Faces rebuff in UN council seat push” (29 August 2013)

Vietnam: Người Việt
“Liên Âu chỉ trích Lào về vụ nhà tranh đấu mất tích” (28 August 2013)

USA: Washington Post
“European lawmakers express dismay over Lao government’s investigation into missing activist” (28 August 2013)

UK: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
“Laos accused of lying over Sombath Somphone Abduction” (28 August 2013)

Thailand: ScanAsia
“Danish politician concerned over the disappearance of Laotian social leader” (28 August 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“EU muốn Lào điều tra vụ nhà hoạt động Sombath mất tích” (28 August 2013)

Thailand: ไทยพีบีเอส
“อียูติดตามเรื่องสมบัดสมพอน” (28 August 2013)

Sri Lanka: Times Online
“Laos urged to intensify missing activist probe” (28 August 2013)

Germany: Europe Online Magazine
“Verschwundener Aktivist Sombath: EU-Parlamentarier kritisieren Laos” (28 August 2013)
“EU-led delegation finds Laos “in denial” about forced disappearance” (28 August 2013)

Australia: Australia Network News
“Renewed pressure over case of missing Lao activist (28 August 2013)

Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio
“Laos terus ditekan dalam kasus aktivis hilang” (28 August 2013)
“Laos rebuffs renewed offer of outside help over activist’s abduction” (28 August 2013)

Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio
“Scholars Voice Support for Missing Activist” (23 July 2013) (Bahasa Indonesia)

Australia: Age
“Scholars Call for Sombath Probe” (22 July 2013)

Germany: Neues Deutschland
“Laotische Wachstumsprobleme” (22 July 2013)

USA: Voice of America (VOA)
“Asia Rights Activists Highlight Risks for Development Opponents” (09 July 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Seree tips big shift in rights blueprint” (04 July 2012) (ภาษาไทย: เสรีชี้จะมีการเปลี่ยนแปลงครั้งใหญ่ในแม่แบบด้านสิทธิ)

Thailand: Nation
“Asean must improve its HR practices” (01 July 2012)

France: Courier International
“Disparition d’un militant humanitaire: le gouvernement pointé du doigt” (28 June 2013)

USA: Montana Public Radio
“Fostering Engagement with Laos While Promoting Human Rights” (25 June 2013)

Philippines: Interaksyon
“Call for safe return of abducted activist at Lao embassy in Makati” (18 June 2013)

Hong Kong: UCAN
“Rights groups urge release of Laos activist” (18 June 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Activist’s disappearance gives Vientiane a black eye in Asean” (16 June 2013)

Italy: Corriere Della Sera
“Laos, attivista scomparso da sei mesi” (15 June 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Mystery Over Lao Civil Society Leader’s Disappearance Deepens” (14 June 2014)

Australia: Sidney Morning Herald
At National Level Volunteer and Local Knowledge Festival“River be damned” (14 June 2013)

Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio
“Fresh detail emerges about abduction of Lao activist” (14 June 2013)

USA: Radio Free Asia (RFA)
“Lack of Progress on Missing Lao Activist’s Case ‘Troubling'” (12 June 2013)

France: Radio France Internationale (RFI)
Việt Nam bị tác động lây từ một vụ mất tích tại Lào (06 June 2013)

Germany: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
“Es geschah unter den Augen der Polizei (22 May 2013)

Indonesia: Jakarta Post
“ASEAN rights commission told to probe disappearance of Laotian activist” (11 May 2013)

Indonesia: Republika Onlne
“Aktivis Laos Hilang, ASEAN Didesak Bantu Usut” (09 May 2013)

Canada: Vancouver Sun
“Laos government silent on abduction of rural development campaigner” (30 April 2013)

UK: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
“Quan ngại về giới hoạt động ở Lào” (30 April 2013)

UK: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
“Fears grow for abducted Laos campaigner Sombath” (30 April 2013)

Singapore: Straights Times
“A Congruence of Disappearances” (18 April 2013)

Japan: Diplomat
“Somchai, Jonas, Sombath: Southeast Asia’s Missing Human Rights Warriors” (16 April 2013)

Thailand: Nation
“Editorial: Missing Activist’s Family Deserves Help and Answers” (16 April 2013)Sombath-school-garden

Singapore: Straights Times
Missing Activist’s Case Losing Prominence” (11 April 2013)

Malaysia: Edge Review
“Where in the World is Sombath?” (05 April 2013)

USA: Eurasian Review

“Laos: Rhetoric vs Reality?” (03 April 2013)

Switzerland: Asienhaus Südostasien Zeitschrift

“Spurlos verschwunden: Einschüchterungsversuche der Zivilgesellschaft in Laos” (April 2013)

Thailand: PBS
“สมบัด สมพอน กับประชาคมโลก” (27 March 2013)

Thailand: Isranews Agency
“นานาชาติกดดันลาวตามหานักพัฒนาชุมชนแมกไซไซถูกอุ้มหายครบ 100 วัน” (27 March 2013)

Thailand: Prachatai
“จากทนายสมชายสู่อ้ายสมบัด ‘อังคณา’ ขอนานาชาติกระตุ้น รบ.ลาวเร่งหาความจริง” (27 March 2012)

USA: Radio Free Asia
“Laos Feels Heat Over Missing Activist’s Case” (26 March 2013)

Thailand: PBS
“ครบ 100 วัน สมบัด สมพอน หายตัว” (25 March 2013)

USA: Washington Post
“US challenges Laos over missing activist, monitors case of ethnic rebel facing deportation” (25 March 2013)

France: Agence France-Presse (AFP)
“Kerry demands return of missing Laotian activist” (25 March 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Kerry demands Laos find Sombath” (25 March 2013)

USA: New York Times
“Kerry Appeals to Laos in Case of a Missing Man” (24 March 2013)

Cambodia: SEA-Globe
“The vanishing” (19 March 2013)

UK: Asian Correspondent
“Will Laos bend over EU pressure on Sombath?” (17 March 2013) ພາສາລາວ

Thailand: Nation
“Youth network demands answers over Sombath” (16 March 2013)

Thailand: PBS
“3 เดือน สมบัดสมพอนหายไป” (15 มีนาคม 2013)books for children 2006

Thailand: Isra News Agency
“เยาวชนไทยร้องรบ.ลาวตามหานักพัฒนา ‘แมกไซไซ’ หายตัวลึกลับ” (15 มีนาคม 2013)

Germany: Deutsche Welle
“Where is Lao activist Sombath Somphone?” (15 March 2013) Lesen in Deutsch 中国语文 Indonesian

UK: Guardian
“Laos Campaigner’s abduction sends shockwaves through activist community” (13 March 2013)

Netherlands: SP
“Senator Tuur Elzinga in Laos om zorgen over vermissing” (10 March 2013)

France: Le Monde
“Sombath, le disparu de Vientiane” (08 March 2013)

China: Shianghai Daily
“Lao Gov’t Issues Report on Activist’s Disappearance” (04 March 2013)

Thailand: Nation
“Asean Must Bring Silence in Sombath Abduction to an End” (25 February 2013)

Japan: Diplomat
“Pressure Mounts on Laos over Missing Activist” (22 February 2013)

UK: Asian Correspondent
“Laos: HRW calls for Asean Action on Sombath Somphone” (21 February 2013)

Thailand: Nation
“Asean Urged to Step in over Missing Activist” (21 February 2013)

USA: Fox News / AP
“Human Rights Watch urges Southeast Asian nations to pressure Laos on missing activist” (20 February 2013)

France: Agence France-Presse (AFP)
“US Presses Laos over Missing Activist” (19 February 2013)

Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio
“Bob Carr ‘caught out’ over missing Laos rights activist” (15 February 2013)

Thailand: Nation
“Asean Rights Body Must Show It Is Relevant” (13 February 2013)

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 14.05.55 PMNetherlands: De Volkskrant
“Waar is ontwikkelingswerker Sombath? Laos wordt nerveus” (12 February 2013)

Philippines: Star
“Ramon Magsaysay awardee remains missing” (12 February 2013)

China: Southern Weekly
“The Search for Sombath Somphone” (08 February 2013)

France: Agence France-Presse (AFP)
“EU parliament ‘concerned’ over missing Laos activist” (07 February 2013)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Asean Urged to Speak out on Sombath Disappearance” (05 February 2013)

USA: Fair Observer
“Laos: Silencing Civil Society” (04 February 2013)

Laos: Vientiane Times
“Police Report on the Disappearance of Sombath Somphone” (04 February 2013)

Singapore: Straits Times
“EU steps up pressure on Laos over activist’s disappearance” (01 Feb 2013)

UK: Guardian
“Laos under international spotlight in search for land rights activist” (24 Jan 2013)

Thailand: PChannelTV
แอมเนสตี้ฯ กังวลกรณี *สมบัด สมพอน* ร้องรบ.ลาวตรวจสอบการหายตัวอย่างโปร่งใส (23 January 2013)

Thailand: Nation TV
การหายตัวไปของ “ສົມບັດ ສົມພອນ” (20 Jan 2013)

UK: Asian Correspondent
“Where’s Sombath? Laos scrambles to manage a diplomatic nightmare” (18 Jan 2013)

Switzerland:  Neue Zürcher Zeitung
“Von Sombath Somphone keine Spur” (18 Jan 2013)

UK: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
“Sombath Somphone: US concern over missing Laos campaigner” (17 Jan 2013)

Singapore: Straits Times
“Lao govt ‘lacks will’ to find missing activist” (17 Jan 2013)

Laos: Vientiane Times
“Lao authorities continue to investigate Mr Sombath Somphone’s disappearance” (17 Jan 2013)

France: Agence France-Presse (AFP)
“Clinton demands safety of missing Laos activist” (16 Jan 2013)

Hong Kong: Asia Times Online
“Dark side obscured to visitors to Laos” (16 Jan 2013)

France: Libération
“Laos : le militant Sombath Somphone ne répond plus” (16 Jan 2013)

Qatar: Al Jazeera
“Mystery shrouds Laos activist’s fate” (15 Jan 2013)

laoembassy_595(cropped)Thailand: Nation
“Editorial: Laos must tell the truth about Sombath’s fate” (15 Jan 2013)

Thailand: Nation
“Anand urges Vientiane fo find missing activist” (11 Jan 2013)

USA: New York Times
“With Laos Disappearance, Signs of a Liberalization in Backslide” (10 January 2013)

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“Lao case a ‘slap in face’ for Asean” (10 Jan 2013)

Japan: Diplomat
“The curious case of Sombath Somphone” (09 Jan 2013)

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“Is Laos Losing Its Way?” (08 Jan 2013)

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“Civil Society in Laos: Gone Missing” (08 Jan 2013)

Thailand: Nation
“Pressure on Vientiane over abduction of acclaimed activist” (07 Jan 2013)

UK: Financial Times
“Laos pressed on activist disappearance” (06 Jan 2013)

Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
“Lao Activist still missing three weeks on” (04 Jan 2013)

Hong Kong: South China Morning Post
“Abduction of Sombat Somphone has aid workers ‘terrified'” (02 Jan 2013)

USA: New York Times
“Laos Could Bear Cost of Chinese Railroad” (01 January 2013)

Thailand: PBS (video):
“ข่าวลักพาตัว สมบัติ สมพอน” (25 December 2012)

Thailand: Bangkok Post
“Laos: Unhappy year-end” (24 Dec 2012)

Switzerland: Le Temps
“Disparition mystérieuse d’un célèbre activiste” (24 Dec 2012)

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“Lao activist Sombath Somphone still missing” (24 Dec 2012)

France: Le Monde
“Laos : la mystérieuse disparition de Sombath Somphone, défenseur des paysans” (22 Dec 2012)

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“Suspicions swirl over disappearance of activist in Laos” (21 Dec 2012)

Philippines: Inquirer
“Still no word on missing Magsaysay Awardee in Laos” (21 Dec 2012)

Belgium: New Europe
“Ashton concerned over Sombath Somphone’s disappearance” (21 Dec 2012)

Thailand: Nation
“Pressure mounts on Laos to find missing activist” (21 Dec 2012)

France: Asie-info
“Laos : qui aurait enlevé Sombath Somphone?” (21 Dec 2012)

Japan: Asahi Shimbun
Sombath-asiaone“Rights group calls for release of activist missing in Laos” (20 Dec 2012)

Singapore: Straits Times
“Laos says fate of missing activist unknown” (20 Dec 2012)

Malaysia: Star
“Rights group calls for release of activist missing in Laos” (20 Dec 2012)

Australia: Network News
“Lao government confirms possible kidnap of activist” (20 Dec 12)

Australia: Australian
“US concerned for ‘detained’ Laos activist” (20 Dec 12)

UK: Guardian
“Vietnam stops blogger from flying to US” article also covers disappearance of Sombath Somphone (19 Dec 2012)

USA: Fox News
“Award-winning social activist in Laos goes missing; co-worker says police detained him” (18 Dec 2012)