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How about a little financial pressure?

SB-prayerThey have disappeared him. His name is Sombath Somphone, and he was — I’m not sure what the right tense is — a civil-society leader. They snatched him out of his car…

I’m thinking, “Can’t some government turn the screws on Laos — the financial screws — until they cough this man up? Should it be that hard? It doesn’t require an invasion or the breaking of diplomatic relations or anything, does it? How about a little financial pressure, à la the Magnitsky Act? Anything!”

Jay Nordlinger, in Trolls, Wales, whales, Nobelists, heroes, heroines … National Review, 02 June 2016

US to Laos: Step Up Probe of Activist Somphone’s Disappearance

Voice of America: 16 December 2015 The United States on Wednesday called on Laos to resolve the mystery of the disappearance three years ago of prominent social activist Sombath Somphone, saying his abduction sent a “chilling message” on human rights. Sombath went missing in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, on December 15, 2012. A video previously

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US ‘deeply concerned’ over Laos activist fate

Al Jazeera: 16 December 2013 Sombath Somphone was abducted from police checkpoint a year ago, but Laos’s government is silent on the matter. The United States has said it is “deeply concerned” that the fate of one of Laos’ most prominent social activists is still unknown, one year after he was abducted from a police

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Kerry Warns Laos Over Missing Civil Society Leader's Case

Radio Free Asia: 15 December 2013 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned Laos Sunday that the unresolved case of a missing local civil society leader could undermine the authoritarian state’s aspirations of becoming a responsible member of the international community. Kerry, who is visiting Southeast Asia, said the United States “remains deeply concerned” over

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US Statement for Round Table

….the abduction of Sombath Somphone nearly a year ago and the lack of progress in the investigation have sent the wrong message to the international diplomatic and business communities about Laos.  Transparency and credible progress in the investigation would send the message that Laos is serious about the rule of law. From US Government Statement

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Statement from the U.S. Embassy – Vientiane, Laos

The Abduction of Civil Society Leader Sombath Somphone: Six Months Later Statement from the U.S. Embassy – Vientiane, Laos June 15, 2013 Sombath Somphone, one of the Lao PDR’s most respected civil society figures, was abducted on December 15, 2012, in front of a Lao police box on a main street in Vientiane. June 15

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