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Laos in the Spotlight Again Over Human Rights

The Diplomat: 02 October 2015 Violations are again an issue in the Southeast Asian state. By Luke Hunt Human rights violations are again an issue in Laos – and a thorn in the side of a government more concerned with centrally-planned economic policies – following the...

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Dear Sombath…from Christina McMellon (2)

Dear Sombath, Last month I finally graduated. To be honest I hadn’t been that bothered about going to the graduation. It reminded me of what you said before the Asia Europe People’s Forum, that certain people were more focused upon the teacup than the tea–what is...

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Chiang Mai-I4C-2017 Toulouse-ATTAC-2017 Manila-APF March-2017 St. Louis Park, Minnesota-2017 Agadir Morocco-2016 Maiden Rock-2017 Minneapolis-St Paul-2017 London-Ruhi Hamid-2017 Manila-Youth leaders at UP-Polytechnic-2017 Manila-Joseph Purugganan Princess Nemenzo & Isagani Serrano-2017 Jakarta-Workshop on Torture & ED-2015 Brussells-2017 Paris-Human Rights Day-2016 Ostia Italy-2017 Tazmania-Lisa Singh-2017 Kuala Lumpur-Gwangju Laureates-2016 Karlsruhe-Members of Green Party-2017 Dili-APF-2016-06 Bangkok-Regional Organisations-2016 Chiang Mai-ICTS-2017 Kyoto-2017 Colombier, Switzerland-2016 Melbourne-2016 Montpellier France-2017 Paris-Jean -Marie Cavada-2017 Rome-Matteo Angioli & Laura Harth Loire Senator Bernard Fournier Paris-Senator Andre Gattolin Paris-Senator Claude Malhuret Bangkok-2016 Geneva-Maina Kiai Montreal-Yann Martel Paris-2016 Kuala Lumpur-Gwangju Laureates-2016 Montreal-WSF-2016 Johannesburg-FIDH Congress-2016-01 Montreal-WSF-2016-01 Dili-APF-2016-03 Dili-APF-2016 Lyon-2015 Manila-ACSC-APF-2017 Valpoi, Goa-2017 Alcatraz-Ai-Weiwei Malaga, Spain AEPF-2016-010 AEPF-2016-01 AEPF-2016-02 AEPF-2016-06 Bangkok-Curls-2015 AEPF-2016-01 Antananarivo, Madagascar Bordeaux-02 Maraba-International Conference on Agricultural Reform Colombier, Switzerland Bordeaux-France-05 Katmandu-02 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Paris-COP Seoul-Seminar on Enforced Disappearance-2015 Bali-3D Museum Hobart-01 Fes, Morocco Marseille-2016 Bangkok-AFAD Canberra-Australian National University Bangkok-Amnesty-2014 Anglola-2014 Manila-2014 Yangon-APF-2014 Penang-Malaysia Jakarta-Students Barcelona-10 February 2016 Switzerland Quezon City, Philippines Edinburgh-2016-01-02 Swaziland-2014 Freiburg, Germany-2015 New York-United Nations-2015 Lumina, Nepal-2015 Kuala Lumphur-ACSC-APF-2015 Morocco-Surfers in Morocco-01 Heathrow-2015 Hungary-2015 Palayur-2015-07-10 Morocco-Sahara Desert-2015 Seoul, May 18 Memorial Foundation-2015 Tokyo-Human Rights Seminar-2015 Kuala Lumpur-Sambo & Sharon-APF-2015 Chikuma City, Japan-06 March 2015 Tokyo-2015 Netherlands-Marijke de Graaf & Frank Bron-20 February 2015 Taiwan-Taiwan Association of Human Rights-2015 Chicago-North Lawndale College Prep School-2015 Red Hill, Canberra--2015 Tokyo-Human Rights Watch in Tokyo-2015 Switzerland-Helvetas-2014 Copacabana-2015 Manila-Focus-2014- Sydney-2014 Rome-FAO-2014 Paris-2014 Nepal-05 October 2014 Wageningen, Netherlands-2014 Vienna, Austria-2014 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Mekong-2014 Normandy Nantes, France Rome, Italy-2014 Sudimara, Indonesia-2014 Honolulu, USA-2014 Kathmandu, Nepal-2014 Potsdam, Germany-2014 Beijing-2014 Phnom Penh Lyon-02 July 2014 Bangkok, Thailand New Jersey New York City Nice Thailand-Human Rights Volunteers-2014 Kerala, India Philadelphia Frankfurt, Germany Indonesia Singapore Washington DC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Lille, France Lusaka, Zambia Edinburgh-WP Phnom Penh Yangon-APF-2013 Lyon, France Minneapolis New Dehli-03 Luang Pabang Athens, Greece Lewes, England Switzerland Mali Bangalore, India
Senator Claude Malhuret (sénateur Les Républicains de l'Allier), Secretary of State for Human Rights (1986-1988), President of the NGO Médecins sans Frontières (1978-1986), and Founder of the think tank Libertés sans Frontières in 1984, is asking...


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