Bird Toy

The above video was shared on Facebook by Sombath’s niece, along with the following message:

This film is worth watching. He [Grandpa Yiaheu Chiatua] will make you smile with joy.

Uncle Sombath Somphone is the director of the film, to promote local knowlege of Laos.

First implemented as PADETC’s project many years ago, in cooperation with MoE [Ministry of Education], now it’s government policy that local knowledge content is included in 20% of national core curriculum of Laos.

Uncle Sombath has done so much for his own country. May his good work bring him back home safely as soon as possible.

Education & Development

Sombath-012A sustainable education and development model should have a balance between the four pillars: economic development, environmental harmony, promotion and preservation of culture, and spiritual well-being…

Education and development in an ecological, holistic manner are interconnected, both are inter-dependent and supportive of each other.

Of course, at the base of the model is good governance, which promotes justice and fairness for everyone through the rule of law.

Sombath Somphone, in “Teaching Happiness,” interview in the Bangkok Post, 24 August 2012.