From 'Happy Laos' to 'Unhappy Laos'

A few months ago, Sombath was involved in the making of the Happy Laos video, which you can watch here:

Today, Chistina McMellon, one of the researchers who was involved in Happy Laos, has shared details of her interview with Sombath.  Here are some of the things he told her in May last year:

Happiness is about understanding how connected we are and how temporary everything is…about sharing good times and sharing the pain…it’s about giving…

Deeper happiness comes in creating an environment or conditions where everyone can be happy.

The future is always going to be changing, it will never be what you expect and you should not expect it to be the way you would like it to be.

You can read Christina’s blog, including more details of her interview with Sombath, under the heading ‘Unhappy Laos’.