Mansfield Center Expresses Solidarity

mansfield-centerIn an article “Fostering Engagement with Laos While Promoting Human Rights,” on Montana Public Radio, the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center expressed:

…we stand together with the friends and family of Sombath as they work to facilitate his return.  As we maintain our relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations in Laos, we work to educate colleagues on Sombath’s disappearance, with the hope that he will soon be returned.

The article also states:

In a stark reminder of the state of human rights in Laos, Sombath disappeared six months ago, as he and his wife were driving separately from his office in Vientiane to their home.  A police security video shows him being stopped at a police checkpoint and taken into custody.  Despite attention from international observers, the Lao government has failed to explain his disappearance.  As the U. S. Embassy in Vientiane stated, “Mr. Sombath is widely admired for his peaceful and constructive focus on improving his country…. Continued inaction on this case by the Lao authorities could erode progress made over the past years and damage the country’s international reputation, potentially raising additional questions about the Lao Government’s commitment to uphold the rule of law and engage responsibly with the world.”

The full article can be read by clicking on the link above.