Quotes on economic growth

“The national economy has seen continued growth at an average of 8.2 percent annually since  the introduction of the current five-year development plan in 2011.” Vientiane Times, 09 July 2013

“There are big gaps in development and the incomes between the people living in the towns compared to the rural areas.” Ms Pany Yathortou, President of Lao National Assembly, 09 July 2013

“Rural people are still living in poverty despite the country’s economy continuing to grow.” Dr. Souvanphen Souphanouvong, Member of Lao National Assembly Standing Committee, 10 July 2013

“The goal of development cannot hinge on just how well the GNP is advancing, but also on improvement in people’s well-being…” Sombath Somphone, 24 August 2012