AEPF-IOC releases letter to Lao leadership

the-9th-asia-europe-peoples-forum-concludes-576353-aepf9The International Organising Committee of the Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) has released a letter written to top Lao leaders. In part, the letter reads:

Despite repeated appeals from his wife and many hundreds of individuals, numerous governments and organizations, and widespread media coverage, we conclude that the Lao government has yet to conduct an adequate investigation into Sombath’s disappearance or provide a satisfactory explanation for his abduction…

…We are of the opinion that the Lao Government is in breach of its human rights commitments, due to the enforced nature of Sombath’s disappearance, as it fails to ensure the safe return of Sombath and as restrictions on civil society continue.

As long as Sombath has not been returned safely to his family, many organisations and individuals are committed to continuing international activity and ensuring that his disappearance will dominate bi-­‐lateral, multi-­‐lateral and international discussions with and about Laos.

The full letter can be seen here.