Dear Sombath…from Mark Sloneker

Dear Sombath,

The first time we met I knew you were someone special. Your passion for improving peoples lives in Laos was infectious. It inspired me, caught me up and guided me in the way of living life with purpose and meaning.

You gave me an opportunity to give back. To give without expectation, to empower and motivate, to help those in need help themselves.

Through the process I learned that I was the one in need. You knew that. You knew the better the heart, the better the work. You helped me fill an emptiness and guided me on the path of my own recovery through giving. I contributed, healed and evolved, you¹ve done that for many.

I changed my life goals because of you. I am now a better person. I continue your work here at home and abroad with the confidence of knowing this is my right path and future. I am eternally grateful.

No doubt you’ve benefited the people of Laos through your work. I want you to know you’ve also benefited those of us from the outside who have passed through your gates.

I miss our discussions and sharing of vision. I miss watching your intensity at ping pong. I miss how you gently, humbly lead us to the right thoughts and choices. I pray we will have that time again.

With deep respect,

Mark Sloneker