Chronology of Complacency

Question MarkIn the over 600 days since Sombath’s abduction, there have been virtually no results from the official investigation.

Almost immediately, authorities concluded they were not responsible.

Since that time, reports have consisted largely of irrelevant details, denials, and claims that efforts continue with the utmost seriousness and urgency.

A draft chronology of major events to date is available here. Updates will be added when they become available.

Concerned friends, colleagues and organisations from across the world continue to hope for more results, and less rhetoric.


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  1. The capital question mark above leaves me with continued profound concern. How should a civilized nation that is striving to join the club of middle income countries, to adopt the WTO regime, that is member of ASEAN and thus officially acknowledging its human rights declaration, a government with a good number of highly educated and enlightened leaders, with vision and dedication for the future of their country, rest awkwardly silent over the abduction of Sombath?
    All the decades of my dedication to the cause of human progress over development cooperation with countries like the Lao PDR are left in limbo in this case. Where is the consciousness of all those in the Lao system who know and remain silent?

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