Dear Sombath…from Hannah

Dear Sombath,

This month marks two years of you missing. By now almost everyone in my life has have heard your story and how my parents, Shui-Meng, and I have been personally affected by your forced disappearance. There are many things that I could tell people about you and how much you have impacted my life and helped me to become the person I am today. But these things pale in comparison to what you have done for your country; the very country that is responsible for you not being home with your family for the past two years.

Selfishly, I want you to come home. My heart aches knowing that you may not be at my wedding this September, that you have spent two years away from your wife, and that my parents have a void that only the loss of a best friend can leave. I also want you to come home for the people of Laos, and for the hope and future of the country.

Sombath, we miss you. Whereever you are I hope that you know how much we miss and love you. I think about you every day.


Hannah Foehringer Merchant

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