Sombath did many things differently

SB-Magsaysay-08Sombath is quite a special man, he looks at the potential of how to share ideas, concepts.  He never says “this is my idea,” but “I saw this thing is useful for society–what is your idea?”

He is open, just stimulates thinking.  I was in media, a creative person, but in my mind I never thought of the social aspects, just broadcasting. But Sombath thought of alternative media for the country.

He is a creative person, Like sang san (ສ້າງສັນ) in the Lao language, it means creation, or to seek. He is thinking more rapidly, ahead of many people. Something like dreaming, but not only a dream, but doing real things. He is an open person. In meetings he never stops anyone from saying things.  He records and then shows this is your idea not mine.
Sombath did many things differently.

Draft translation from interviews done with many of Sombath’s colleagues. Original Lao transcripts currently unavailable.

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