Dear Sombath….from SY Chin (3)

 Greetings Sombath,

Sombath-BambooI am mindful that 12 December 2015 marks the beginning of the fourth year of your disappearance.

I found in the course of my travels over the past year that your absence has not faded the reputation of your splendid development efforts. It may have strengthened it instead. Development specialists — ranging from a film-director to several policy-researchers — have asked about you after discovering that I am from the ASEAN Region.

Your wisdom about sustainable development issues has again been proven in the debates leading up to the 2015 Paris Climate Talks. ASEAN’s and Laos’ position would have been so much stronger if we had you speak up on the challenges that now confront our Region.

I hope we will hear you speak soon.

SY Chin, Publisher

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