The Man, His Work and His Dream for Laos

2015-12-11-PADETC-02The Participatory Development and Training Center (PADETC), founded by Sombath, held its 2015 fair under the banner of “The Man, HIs Work, and His Dream for Laos,” on Friday, December 11th.

Approximatley one hundred friends, colleagues, CSO staff and diplomats attended the event, which included Buddhist prayers for Sombath, and comments from his spouse and colleagues.

2015-12-11-PADETC-01Some likened Sombath to a farmer nurturing a fruit tree. But rather than keeping the fruit for himself, he would spread it around so more trees would grow, and produce more fruit.

May the fruits of his vision continue to grow.

A Thai PBS report on the event.

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  1. We miss you, Sombath! You were taken from us too soon, and we will never understand it. I hope you know that you live on in the work of all those you mentored and influenced. Shui Meng keeps your spirit alive and is showing great courage in the face of a most profound loss. You would be proud of her. You and she are an inspiration to so many.

    Thinking of you on this third anniversary of your disappearance.


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