Youth and Agro-ecology Short Film Competition

The Agro-Ecology Learning Alliance in Southeast Asia is calling for submissions to its Youth and Agro-Ecology Short Film Competition. Please see below or click here for more information.

Hopefully, applicants from Laos will consider including material on Sombath Somphone’s pioneering work with youth, education, agriculture and the environment.

Do you care about sustainable farming, the environment, and agroecology? Do you believe that youth are part of the solution and can lead an agricultural revolution that is much needed in the Mekong region? Feeling creative?

Find a story, do your research, gather your team, grab your camera, and get to work on your short film now! If selected, your film could win a cash prize in addition to reaching thousands both online and at the 2017 Luang Prabang Film Festival. Submit your film by 15 October 2017.

The Mekong Region at a crossroads: from agricultural intensification to ecological matters

With a fast-growing population, increased pressure on natural resources, and climate change impacts becoming more present everyday, the Mekong Region is at a crossroads regarding its agriculture development, calling for an important shift towards an agroecological transition.

Agroecology is a promising movement to inspire young farmers and reverse urban migration. It seeks to:
➢ produce diversified and high-quality food
➢ reproduce—or even improve—the ecosystem’s fertility
➢ limit the use of non-renewable resources
➢ avoid contaminating the environment and people
➢ contribute to the fight against global warming

Across the Mekong Region, thousands of innovative farmers have already engaged themselves in an agroecological transition, moving away from conventional and chemical based farming practices. They are developing new and improved practices, building upon both traditional empirical knowledge and scientific research for a better understanding and use of ecological processes operating in farming systems.

The Agroecology Learning Alliance in South East Asia (ALiSEA), coordinated by GRET with the financial support of the French Agency for Development (AFD), is an innovative regional platform that networks all initiatives promoting agroecology nationally and regionally in order to form a strong coalition of stakeholders at different levels—from farmer organizations, to national and regional research centers, to the private sector. This coalition aims to fuel public policy creation and advocates the wider dissemination of successful alternative agricultural practices amongst stakeholders.

Full details of the call for submission here



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