Sombath & Quaker Service Laos

Sombath speaking about integrated agriculture

Sombath worked closely with Quaker Service Laos (QSL) during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He made significant contributions to their programs, including the Rice Integrated Farming Systems (RIFS) project.

History of Quaker Service Laos Development Work 1973-1999″ mentions the RIFS project, and how it evolved into The independent Participator Development Training Center (PADETC) .

While QSL staff wrote a plea to the Lao government soon after Sombath’s abduction, subsequent requests to contribute their thoughts about Sombath and his work have been unanswered.

Those who worked with Sombath are encouraged to share their experiences by writing a Letter to Sombath.

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  1. Quaker Service Lao closed in 2006, but the parent organization American Friends Service Committee has responded to requests from Shui Meng to join appeals, including sending a letter to the White House last August requesting that Obama raise this issue on his visit to Laos and having staff raise Sombath’s case in Washington DC.. Are you looking specifically for people who knew Sombath to write personal reflections? Who are you reaching out to? Please let us know what we can do to answer your concern.

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