A clear condemnation is necessary

LMHR 2016-06-14

Sombath continues to be an inspiration to many in Laos and beyond. Those who struggle for justice, for sustainable development, for respect of fundamental rights deserve better than silence. …it is of utmost importance that international community present in Laos clearly condemns his enforced disappearance. It is not enough to ask for an investigation. A

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Update: Lack of funding now main reason ASEAN People’s Forum not held in Laos

ACSC-APF 2016 Logo

At the 2nd Regional Consultation Meeting for the ACSC/APF held in Vientiane on 10-11 May, Dr. Maydom Chanthanasinh, Chair of Lao CSOs, said that lack of finances was the main reason the Asean People’s Forum will not be held in Laos this year. However, it was earlier reported the decision not to hold the event in Laos

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How about a little financial pressure?

SB-prayerThey have disappeared him. His name is Sombath Somphone, and he was — I’m not sure what the right tense is — a civil-society leader. They snatched him out of his car…

I’m thinking, “Can’t some government turn the screws on Laos — the financial screws — until they cough this man up? Should it be that hard? It doesn’t require an invasion or the breaking of diplomatic relations or anything, does it? How about a little financial pressure, à la the Magnitsky Act? Anything!”

Jay Nordlinger, in Trolls, Wales, whales, Nobelists, heroes, heroines … National Review, 02 June 2016

Vì sao Lào vẫn thẳng tay trấn áp về nhân quyền ?

RFI-June 2016

RFI: 09 tháng sou 2016  By Arnaud Dubus Ba thanh niên Lào đã bị chính quyền Viêng Chăn bắt giữ và đã bị giam giữ bí mật vì tội chỉ trích chế độ trên mạng Facebook. Cả ba người đã phải “thú nhận lỗi lầm” của họ trên đài truyền hình Nhà nước hồi cuối tháng 5/2016

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Rights group demands Laos release detained activists

Al Jazeera-June-2016

Turkish Weekly: 07 June 2016, By Max Constant Rights groups have called on Laos to immediately release three young Laotians arrested and detained since March on charges of criticizing the country’s communist government. The trio is accused of participating in a demonstration last December in front of the Laos embassy in Thailand, and criticizing the “regime”

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Laos cracks down on social media critics

Al Jazeera-June-2016

Al Jazeera: 06 June 2016, By Preeti Jha In a new strike on freedom of expression, Laos broadcasts a stark warning to social media users. Vientiane, Laos – With their heads hung low, three Laos nationals quietly apologise on state TV for betraying the country through anti-government Facebook posts, a striking parade of apparent confessions in the

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Three government critics arbitrarily arrested, detained incommunicado

FIDH-LMHR-June 2016

FIDH/LMHR: 06 June 2016 (Paris) Lao authorities must immediately and unconditionally release three individuals who have been arbitrarily arrested and detained incommunicado for criticizing the government, FIDH and its member organization Lao Movement for Human Rights (LMHR) said today. “The government’s systematic repression of all forms of peaceful dissent underscores the immense gap between Vientiane’s

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Is International Aid Complicit in the Repression in Laos?

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The Lao Movement for Human Rights has the honor of inviting you to a conference on: ”Is International assistance complicit in the repression in Laos?” Tuesday, June 14 at 15:00 Regional Council of Ile-de-France, room 100 33 rue Barbet-de-Jouy, 75007 Paris Speakers: Anne-Sophie Gindroz, author of the book ”Laos: the Silent Repression” Richard Werly, France correspondent

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