Letters to Sombath…

Dear Friends,

While some have chosen to silence Sombath for the time being, others are striving to sustain his voice and vision for his people and country.  To facilitate these efforts, we would like to invite friends and colleagues to write letters to Sombath.

These letters can be about Sombath, about his work, or about his approach, ideas and ideals. Letters can be in any language, but preference will be given to Lao and English. While there are no strict limits on length, three to five hundred words is suggested.

Letters should reflect Sombath’s way of working: positive and caring messages will be given preference over those that are negative or accusatory. While suggestions are welcome, they should be constructive and feasible.

Please also include your name. If you write anonymously, your letter may not be used. Selected letters will be posted on this website, and/or on the Sombath Initiative Facebook page.

Most importantly, please direct your message to Sombath. The purpose is to sustain his voice, not to promote our own or provoke arguments.

Messages can be sent to [email protected]. Thank you very much, and we look forward to your letters.

Ng Shui Meng