Dear Sombath…from S.Y. Chin

Greetings Sombath,

My authors, colleagues and friends from across the developed and developing countries have been emailing me their Seasons Greetings over the past two weeks. Many of them, who are our mutual friends, have mentioned you in their emails.

They remember last Christmas, as 2012 was drawing to a close, how concerned we were when we heard the news that you had been missing for two weeks.

This Christmas, we all remember with even deeper concern that you are now missing for more than a year.

During the past year we all missed our dialogues with you, and your gentle, modest wisdom that came with our conversations.

At the same time time we were inspired by Shui-Meng’s efforts at making sure you are not forgotten.

All of us hope that Shui-Meng will be assured by the long-memory that has always been kept by the international community in development.

We all also hope that 2014 will see us picking up with you our various conversations that were paused at the end of 2012.

S.Y. Chin

Publisher, Southbound