How would you feel?

I am serious… I really want to know… If somebody in your family disappeared, how would you feel? How would you feel if you were just living your life, somebody took a member of your family, and you didn’t know the reason? And then everybody became afraid of him, even though they didn’t know heads or tails about why?

It is almost two years since Uncle Sombath disappeared, but there is still no news or information. On top of that, nobody dares to even mention his name. Even vendors still don’t dare to say the name Sombath Somphone.

Seriously, if it were you, how would you feel? It has been almost two years. The organisations who do the same work as him…who know the most about his work…who know it the best because they make a living doing the same work, they don’t even dare to say Uncle Sombath’s name. What is happening in our society?? Where has our heart gone??

We are all living our own lives, can we be forced to deny our very selves? Will we just let someone disappear, even though we know it is not right, to just snatch someone away out of the blue? Should someone disappearing like that just be accepted as normal, with everybody just looking out for themselves? Is it only for the family to deal with? We did nothing wrong against the police. The military has not said we did anything wrong. The courts have made no charges. So why is it we are afraid to say Sombath Somphone’s name? Think about that… If this is normal, then when other people disappear it will also be normal.

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